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In the beginning of the World…of Warcraft…there were professions and they were good. Then players took a bite from the forbidden [Goldenbark Apple] of knowledge and the knowledge of how to make a profit from these professions was bestowed upon them and this was reaaaalllyyy good.

Ok so maybe that is not quite the way it happened, but it is true that since the game was released in November of 2004 players have been using professions as a tried and true method of turning a profit. The best part is with a little work and some time every single profession in game has the potential to earn a profit. Primary professions (herbalism, leatherworking, enchanting, etc.) are broken down into two main categories:


In production based professions players take ingredient items (herbs, bars, cloth, etc.) and use them to make other items. These items can then be sold for profit either using the Auction House (see our handy dandy Guide to the Auction House) or by making use of Trade Chat in a major city. Players can either choose to buy the raw materials needed for most of these professions from other players, or collect them themselves with one of the gathering professions.

While players can manage to make a profit with any of the production professions if they try hard enough, there are a few that standout above the rest:


Players who choose to make a career out of Alchemy and wish to get the most bang for their buck will want to cater to the raiding crowd. These players tend to consume the greatest amount of potions, elixirs, and flasks of any other player type in the game. Other profit can be made on the side by doing transmutations, but overall the easiest and most effective method for making money with this profession is to create various potions,


elixirs, and flasks and offer them for sale.

In order to successfully do this the alchemist must become aware of:

  • Raid days and times of all major raiding guilds on the server.
  • What potions, elixirs, and flasks these guilds (and the rest of the server) are most likely to buy.
  • How much said potions, elixirs, and flasks can be sold for.

Once these questions have been answered you are well on your way to making some big money. Simply create the items that sell the most, wait for raid days/times, and post your items for sale at the appropriate prices.

Best paired with: Herbalism


There is no doubt about it, Jewelcrafting is hard work. Hard to level, hard to get recipes for, and sometimes even hard (and expensive) to find the gems needed to make the most profitable cuts.


However, without a doubt, Jewelcrafting is one profession that has some amazing potential to make a player rich in a hurry.

Once Jewelcrafting is leveled all a player needs to do is keep a close watch of market trends for gems on their server. They need to discover what gems sell the most on their particular server, and how much those gems are selling for. To do this players should keep a close eye on the Auction House and Trade Chat.

Once these questions have been answered the player can either buy uncut gems, or use the gems that they personally obtained via the mining profession and use the knowledge they have gained to cut the most profitable gems. With the gems have been cut place them on the Auction House or advertise them in Trade Chat. If you have done your research well you should find that you have little trouble selling gems and soon your pockets will be lined with gold.

Best paired with: Mining


Enchanting is the only production profession that produces it’s own ingredient materials (via disenchanting) to make the finished product making this nearly a good proof method to making money. Players who go the Enchanting route can choose to either sell the raw materials create when they disenchant an item, or use those materials to enchant scrolls that they can then place in the Auction House or offer their services first hand via Trade Chat.

Enchanters who choose to sell their enchants should be aware of which enchants are in high demand, and also become familiar with how much those enchants can and should be sold for on their particular server by watching the Auction House and Trade Chat for market trends.

Best paired with: N/A


While there are only three primary “gathering” professions in game each and every one of them has the potential to turn some serious profit. The best part of the gathering professions is that since you are collecting raw materials, you can sell them straight up without worrying about turning them into something else, or you can combine them with one of the appropriate production professions detailed above and potentially turn even more of a profit.

The three gathering based professions are:


  • Mining
  • Herbalism
  • Skinning

The best part of the gathering professions is that since you are collecting raw materials, you can choose to sell them as is, or you can combine them with one of the appropriate production professions detailed above and potentially turn even more of a profit. As with all other professions in order to make the most profit players must be aware of the market trends on their server. Get in touch with how much these items sell for, what days and times they appear to sell the best and sell your items accordingly.

Daily Quests are often considered to be boring and repetitive and while that may be true, they are an excellent source of reliable income, even if they won’t get you rich quick. Daily Quests (as you might know) are repeatable quests that can be completed once a day by a player. Players are currently limited to 25 daily quests a day and thanks to the large amount of dailies introduced in Cataclysm, players should have no trouble filling their daily quota.

For more information on daily quests including walkthroughs please see our Guide to Cataclysm Daily Quests.

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