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No one likes to farm, in fact I am certain that not even gold farmers like to farm, which is why they have bots to do it for them. But since we all know bots are a big no-no, those of us honest players have to do it the hard way. This means getting out there and doing some actual work, the kind that comes as close to real physical labor as is possible in the virtual world, farming.

Farming is the act of killing mobs over and over again with the goal of collecting a certain item. While you can farm tons of things in Cataclysm, one of the most profitable is farming for Volatiles. Volatiles are elements that usually come from Elementals of the same element and are used in many recipes and patterns. Because of this, Volatiles are in high demand. However, no one really wants to get out there and farm them, leaving the perfect opportunity for those of us not afraid to bite the bullet and get our hands dirty. After the Volatiles have been collected, simply sell them on the Auction House or in Trade chat to turn a profit. Remember to get a general feel for what Volatiles sell for on your server before putting them up for sale!

Currently there are five sellable Volatiles in game:

  • Volatile Water
  • Volatile Fire
  • Volatile Earth
  • Volatile Air
  • Volatile Life

Volatiles can be found in numerous fashions including:

  • Herbing various Cataclysm herbs
  • Fishing
  • Mining Cataclysm Ore
  • Killing almost any Cataclysm elemental
  • Skinning (via the [Strange Bloated Stomach])

Remember almost none of these methods have a 100% drop rate, nor do all Volatiles drop from all of the above listed sources so be prepared to dedicate a solid chunk of time to make this endeavor a profitable one!

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