Kicks Online: Open Beta

Posted Wed, Jul 25, 2007 by Aelryn

We call it soccer, fellas.

There's a new MMOG in town, and it's a soccer game! Check out this press release about the upcoming Kicks Online:

You ready to Play Online Street football with 1000’s of European football fans and gamers?

Now you can with and its highly anticipated MMO (massive multiplayer online) street football game Kicks Online.

From 30th July you will have a chance to play for free!

Register at, download the Kicks Online game and you can be challenging your friends and players all over Europe!

Show of your skills, defend, set up goals, and score goals without breaking a sweat! From the comfort of your PC!

Some of the features on Kicks are:

• Wide customisation of characters
• Choosing from 100’s of objects and skills.
• Play on the street or on a dangerous rooftop!
• Great Team Play (Multiplayer Mode from 3vs3 to 5vs5). As in a real street game, you’ll be able to penetrate opponent’s defence with individual and team management skills.
• Choice of character’s role choosing between 3 different positions FW (attack), MF (middle field), DF (defence).
• Extreme connection with reality: you could experience tackling, passing, overhead kicks, shooting, crossing, and individual Brazilian skills!

What are you waiting for? The match is starting….

Join the Tribe on

Game Tribe updates Kicks on April 29th.

Just a few updates here, but they're good.

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Mon, Apr 28, 2008
New Wiki Page and Other Updates The Ten Ton Wiki has received new updates. The Phantasy Star Universe page has been updated and a page highlighting the soon-to-be-released expansion Ambition of the Illuminus has been added. The Stargate Worlds and Kicks Online pages also received updates to their release dates and external links.
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Get Your Kicks at Ten Ton Hammer!
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Wed, Nov 07, 2007

Get your kicks at Kicks Online, free!

Kicks Online has made the leap from beta to full version.

After a convincing Beta Test phase, Kicks Online is now fully available. You can download and play it for free as it was during the beta test but now you can access the shop ingame.

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Tue, Nov 06, 2007

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