The Ten Ton Hammer MMOG Decade Awards 2001-2010 - Page 2

Updated Sat, Apr 06, 2013 by B. de la Durantaye

The foundation of the MMO genre can easily be said to lay within the walls of the community. After all, without a massive in-game community, it's just another game.

This decade's winner is far from "just another game." The player community, coupled with heavy developer community involvement truly set this game apart from the rest. It also certainly doesn't hurt that every player in the world shares the same universe, unseparated by artificial barriers like servers or shards.

Best Community 2001-2010
EVE Online logo

CCP Games

Runners Up:
EverQuest II (Sony Online Entertainment)
The Lord of the Rings Online (Turbine)

EVE Online continues to prove that you just can't have a more involved community than when you have all players on the same server. Player actions send waves throughout the community, whether it be the actions of a hero or those of notorious villains.

CCP has also set the bar high in terms of community involvement as developers. It is safe to say that the community has really shaped the game since its launch of May 6, 2003. CCP has not only listened to the feedback of the community, but have taken their words to heart to such a degree that EVE Online is very much the player's game.

Perhaps this is the secret to EVE's success in the MMOG space. Few games make it eight years with a steady increase in player subscriptions from month to month, but EVE has done it.

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