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While considering our choices for Best PvP Game of the Decade, we really had to go back to the roots of PvP. Ultima Online certainly offered unregulated PvP but by today's standards, that's very little fun for everyone but the top gankers. Conversely, the introduction of Battlegrounds and Scenarios as seen in many of today's MMOGs do offer quick match-up fun, but they lack the true spirit of PvP, in our opinion, which should be a constant struggle for power. The pendulum should swing hard, and it should swing often. Players should always feel a need to defend or attack in a well-developed PvP game.

Perhaps PvP isn't the right term, after all. Perhaps the ultimate PvP experience isn't PvP at all, but rather a game that pits several factions against each other. Perhaps this type of combat is better referred to Realm vs. Realm, or RvR.

That certainly narrows the options, and leaves us with an obvious winner.

Best PvP 2001-2010
Dark Age of Camelot Logo

BioWare Mythic

Runners Up:
Shadowbane (Stray Bullet Games)
Lineage (NCsoft)

Dark Age of Camelot was a brilliant success in the PvP, or RvR market. Having launched in October of 2001, nine years later it's still considered by many to be the ultimate player versus player combat of any MMO game. This was no mistake. It was a careful consideration by the BioWare Mythic team (at the time known as Mythic Entertainment) and the secret of its success may have very well been a simple addition of a third faction.

When a game only has two factions battling against each other, balancing becomes very difficult without imposing artificial rules and enticements, like bonus experience for the underdog, to try to lure more players to that faction. With three factions though, the entire community becomes self-policing. If one faction becomes too powerful, they'll have a much more difficult time fending off two opposing factions instead of holding their ground against one.

An aging game, but one well deserving of Best PvP Game of the Decade. Well done, Mythic!

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