The Ten Ton Hammer MMOG Decade Awards 2001-2010 - Page 6

Updated Sat, Apr 06, 2013 by B. de la Durantaye

MMOGs are at their very core, innovative. However, some games over the past ten years have really pushed the envelope and molded the present and the future of online gaming.

Innovation comes in many forms, sometimes subtle, sometimes very obvious. There has been no shortage of innovation in gaming in the MMO sphere. However, for a game to win "Most Innovative MMOG of the Decade" it had to be a game that changed the way people play MMOGs entirely. It had to be a game that not only introduced new exciting gameplay, but became a foundation for many games to follow.

There were several titles that impressed us since 2001, but the winner this decade continued to innovate and push the genre forward years after its initial launch.

Most Innovative MMO 2001-2010
Dungeons & Dragons Online Logo


Runners Up:
Guild Wars (ArenaNet)
Warhammer Online (BioWare Mythic)

Anarchy Online (Funcom)

Dungeons & Dragons Online is a testament to innovation in MMOGs. At its launch in early 2006 it was a culmination of great ideas in one single game. Storytelling had become vastly more effective by creating entire instances to tell the story. Action combat saw its first incarnation with DDO's active combat system. And later on, DDO was the first Western MMOG to successfully migrate from a subscription-based service to a free-to-play model, turning the game around from being on its last legs to becoming one of the most popular Western MMO free-to-play games in history.

Turbine's continued dedication to the game has marked the game forever to be known as the Most Innovative MMOG of the decade.

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