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Updated Sat, Apr 06, 2013 by B. de la Durantaye

Few MMO games survive without at some point adding an expansion. By their very nature, the virtual worlds in which we play must continue to evolve to keep player interest.

However, developing an expansion for a game is no easy task. In order for it to be successful a lot of consideration needs to be given to where players are in the game, and what is needed the most at the time of the expansion. Perhaps most importantly, for players to feel like they've spent their money well in buying the expansion, it needs to have satisfying content - and lots of it.

Over the past ten years we've seen hundreds of expansions, but for our gaming buck there really was a short list of expansions we felt really brought well-timed value to the game, forever changing it in a positive way.

Best Expansion 2001-2010
EverQuest Planes of Power Logo

Sony Online Entertainment

Runners Up:
City of Villains (Paragon Studios)
Wrath of the Lich King (Blizzard Entertainment)

EverQuest: The Planes of Power came at a time when raiding was a somewhat new, but major focus in MMO games. Shortly after EverQuest had introduced raids for the first time ever gamers couldn't stop talking about raiding and focused their entire gaming time on getting well enough geared to be able to raid.

Planes of Power was perfectly timed. In addition to adding some of the best raid zones in any game to date, the entire expansion was progression based. Your raiding guild or group had to successfully complete trials and raids in order to gain access to the next zone. And if you were the top raiding guild on the server? You had the entire zone to yourself. This expansion was a way to finally indisputably compare e-peens worldwide. This wasn't something that could be done in a week. No, to progress through PoP, it took months, or even years.

Progression raiding and unlocking has been drastically tuned down in our games over the years, if not all together brought to near extinction. But in 2002, and arguably to date, there was no greater satisfaction than being able to defeat Quarm, the final boss of EverQuest in The Plane of Time.

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