FFXIV Producer Talks 2011 Plans and Offers Up a New Player Poll

2010 was not a kind year to Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV).

2010 was not a kind year to Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). After a terrible launch and issues that plagued the game for months to follow, Square Enix extended the free play period while they worked to improve the game, the leadership team was almost entirely replaced shortly thereafter. But with a new year comes new hope and FFXIV's new producer Naoki Yoshida wants to start 2011 off on the right foot.

In his first post of the new year, Yoshida emphasized his goals for FFXIV and summed it up in four simple words: fun, live, reboot and rebuild. While having to use those four words about your game when it's been live for less than four months might be cause for concern, perhaps the new direction will get FFXIV back on track. The team has made several updates and improvements since launch and certainly seems energized and ready to meet the challenge of getting FFXIV polished and more fun. In addition to Yoshida's announcement, a new poll has been released to give players another way to have their voices heard.

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