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Rift's David Reid Talks Beta, Invasions and Pre-Orders with The Rift Podcast

By Stacy Jones -

The Rift Podcast returns this week joined by Senior VP of Publishing David Reid and Sr. Community Manager Cindy 'Abigale' Bowens at Trion Worlds to talk about this weekend's beta event, publishing and expectations for release, pre-order and founder packages and why we're not in Azeroth anymore. As it turns out, the first Rift TV ad, which ended with the words, "we're not in Azeroth anymore" is part of a much longer CG video that will be coming at a later date.

Additionally, Reid details free non-expansion content updates for Rift. If you took part in this past weekend's beta event you might have gotten to take part in some of the huge zone-wide event invasions that put players against huge rift invasion numbers. Reid notes in the podcast that the team is capable of doing much more and larger events and we'll be seeing some of those in future betas.

The full podcast is available on The Rift Podcast website and via iTunes.

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