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EVE CSM December Summit Minutes Detail Virtual Goods and Economic Discussion

Posted Thu, Jan 13, 2011 by Martuk

Part two of the three part minutes from the Council of Stellar Management's (CSM) meeting with CCP devs have been posted to the EVE Online website. The first part posted earlier this week covered discussions about the CSM process, function on the EVE website, CSM issues and CSM activity at the upcoming Fanfest 2011 event. Part two discussed the CSM's concerns for the messaging of the Incarna expansion and continued on to cover microtransaction concerns.

CCP's plan to sell vanity-based items with no game changing effects were accepted by the CSM, but they voiced concerns relating to the pricing of some items and how CCP's vanity items would affect PLEX prices.

Discussions proceeded regarding PLEX and its granularity, i.e. buying a vanity item for a whole PLEX seems a bit steep. Fractional PLEX would be required to address that issue. Furthermore the CSM stressed their concern regarding PLEX prices and what effects the Virtual Goods strategy would have on it, if any. CCP controlling the price of PLEX is not a viable solution – CCP’s approach to the market is completely hands off there – for that control would always be ambiguous and controversial along with causing unpredictable consequences.

The discussion also touched on EVE economics, the game's UI, including a demonstration of the changes and some time with the EVE QA department. Check out the full list of minutes for more details from the CSM December summit meeting.

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