World of Warcraft: Bashiok Addresses Guild Reputation

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Guild reputation seems to be dividing a lot of folks playing World of Warcraft. On one hand there are players who enjoy being able to contribute to their guild, to make it into something special and collect shiny rewards along the way and then there are those who are peeved that theyÂ’ve been in Guild X for a long, long time and get a mount/pet/exalted rep instantly.

Well Bashiok, the Blue Formally Known as Drysc, has taken the time over the weekend to reply to to a rather annoyed player on the US realms known as Worgandonor. My favourite line of the whole thread has to be BashiokÂ’s comments on percentages.

ItÂ’s an interesting post actually and I can see both sides of this argument. After all IÂ’m the type of player who stays with a guild for a long period of time but is not afraid to move if my play style changes. |My guild have just unlocked Chug-A-Lug and my main just bought a Guild Page. While weÂ’re steaming ahead on the guild rep front, I have noticed itÂ’s taking a very long time to grind my personal guild status to exalted. That said, itÂ’s something to do with shiny rewards at the end and IÂ’m a casual player so it doesnÂ’t bother me too much, even if IÂ’m an avid collector of mounts/pets and titles. However, as with all things, you canÂ’t please everyone even if Bashiok attempts to try. At least we have more clarification how the devs wanted guild reputation to work.

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