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Updated Thu, Jan 20, 2011 by Savanja

Front Line Heroes

It's all about the big kaboom.

First and foremost, the Fire powerset is a defensive role.  For players who intend to do a lot of grouping, having a defensive loadout is essential.  If you intend to use the Fire powerset for tanking purposes, it makes good sense to not pick a ranged weapon skill to go with it.  Instead, stick with melee weapon skills to compliment your role and rely on your combos for damage and attention getting when you are in the fray of battle.

Like melee damage focused players, front line defenders are also going to want an ability or power to snag and yank enemies close.  If you have no other options, take Backdraft or Lasso in the Iconic Powers then plunk that puppy down in your first loadout slot.

Immolation, the first power on the immolation tree is a good first step.  As a defensive player you'll want to do as much passive damage as you can while you're pounding mobs.  Fiery Weapon also increases your damage in a fairly unobtrusive manner and is good for melee battle.  Burnout is a perfect defensive option.  This power knocks backs enemies, gives you and three teammates immunity against control effects.  Eternal Flame is another must have.  It's a supercharge power that doubles your health and offers control effect immunity with a healing reactive effect. In any free slots you may have left, pick on of the big damage dealers such as your supercharge powers or Absorb Heat so you have a little kaboom to go with your badass wall of defense.  If you are having trouble staying alive, skip damage powers and go for the heals.  In a defensive role, staying alive is just more important than being top damage dog.

Overall, Fire is a fun powerset with some of the coolest visual effects in game.  The nature of the powerset allows players to mix and match from a wide range of powers giving the perfect canvas for creating a very personalized character regardless of what role you choose to play.  Have you found magic in a Fire powerset loudout?  Are there powers that you simply could not live without?  Share your expertise with other players on our forums to let them know what loadout works for you.


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