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Cryptic Serves Up a 20% Discount Offer for STO and CO Lifetime Subscriptions

Posted Thu, Jan 20, 2011 by Martuk

Cryptic Studios has served up a special discounted Lifetime subscription offer for Champions Online (CO) and Star Trek Online (STO) players from January 25th through February 4th. In celebration of the upcoming CO free-to-play launch and the one-year anniversary of STO, Cryptic is offering a 20% discount on the Lifetime subscription for each game.

Grant it, the promotion of a $239.99 Lifetime subscription for CO seems a bit of an odd pairing when marketed next to the launch of a free-to-play option, but players who intend to stick with the game on a monthly subscription basis might want to take it under consideration as the cost essentially breaks down into 16 months worth of subscriptions to never have to pay one again.

You can learn more about Lifetime subscription benefits on the official Champions Online and Star Trek Online websites.

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