World of Warcraft Weekly Top Ten – The Top Twelve Races

Posted Thu, Jan 27, 2011 by Medawky

As if it weren’t bad enough that he attacked your class in last week’s list, Jason “Medawky” Bolton has gone after the final taboo – your race.  In a move of unprecedented political incorrectness we rate all 12 of World of Warcraft’s races from worst to first, how will your favorite do? 

It’s hard to keep a straight face when someone in game accuses you of racism for picking on gnomes, I mean come on – their gnomes for god’s sake!  On a serious note; just like last week’s look at the various classes of WoW this article contains no hard facts or pesky evidence, it’s a purely subjective look with only my opinion as my guide.  The additions of Worgen and Goblin have created a surplus of races in the context of a top 10 list, so were giving you free bonus content here.

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