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Updated Tue, Feb 08, 2011 by Savanja

Group Healers

The best part of being a healer is that you are rarely in want for a group.  Reputations build fast though, so being a well organized and prepared healer is super important if you want to keep getting into groups.  Your loadout will mostly be stacked with heals but this is your chance to play with your forms as well.

This girl is definitely not a timid little flower.

The shapeshifting powers end up being far more useful for your healer loadout.  Gorilla Form is a good general shapeshifting power to have if you are working both healing and damage. For more serious healing, you can pick up Insectoid Form (instead of Gorilla Form) in combination with Hive Mind.  There is some debate as to whether or not these powers are working as they should be, but I didn't find them to be troublesome. 

The rest of your powers will be heals...all the heals you can get!  Obviously you'll have to gain these powers progressively, but eventually you will want to have Blossom, which is a smallish low level heal, and Bloom (later replaced by Cross Pollination if you're running out of space), which is a group heal over time, from the Plant traits tree.  From the Shapeshifting tree, you'll definitely want Metabolism, another heal over time.  Regeneration is also a good option to keep on your loadout if you have the space for it.  It's a supercharge power, but it ticks up health and power for the whole group.

If you are working a small group and would like to have a damage power on board, grab any one of the damage powers mentioned above and replace a lower level heal, such as Blossom, with your damage power.  You should be okay without any damage powers if you have a weapon skill set that you enjoy playing.  In the healing role, you can whack away at stuff with my staff and never miss not having damage powers.

Do you play a Nature powerset healing?  Share your experiences with other players on our forums and let us know what loadouts work for you.


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