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Updated Mon, Feb 14, 2011 by Savanja

Group Healers

Where Sorcery lacks in damage ability, it more than makes up for it in healing usefulness.  I absolutely hated soloing this powerset, but it was downright amazing in groups which, I suppose, is how a healing class should be. 

Need a friend? You can summon your own!

For a healing build, you will be working mostly with the Summoning traits. Again, the pets don't really contribute all that much in this regard but there are some powers here that you absolutely cannot live without.  First, grab Boon of Souls.  This power protects you and your group. More protection equals less need for heals!  Transcendence is your 100% supercharge power that recovers health and power for you and your group.  You'll need it, especially for big battles. At the end of the Summon traits tree is Life Element which works much like the health barrels you find in instances.  It's kinda cool to have but I wouldn't worry about going after it until you have the other heals already and have extra points to burn.

From the Destiny traits, you need to work down the left-hand side to pick up Rejuvenate, a good basic heal, Invocation of Renewal, which is a handy AoE heal, and Circle of Protection, another AoE heal.  If you are casting AoE heals to take care of group members, it frees up your focus so you can keep a solid eye on your tank.

Group healers (especially in a well balanced full group) don't really need any damage powers. I think that if you're doing damage, you should be doing it with your weapon skills.  If you absolutely would like to have a damage power, go with Final Ruin so you can pull double duty doing damage and still get a heal out of it.  It'll be helpful in smaller groups.

Have you earned your way up the ladder as a master healer?  Be sure to share your hard earned wisdom with other players!  Post you own loadout advice on our forums below to give newbies a boost.


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