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Here are what each of the various combat ratings mean.

Offensive Combat Ratings

Critical Strike Rating

The most universal rating of them all and applies to every class and specialization. A critical strike allows you to do double damage or 200% of your normal damage done in melee or 150% to 200% with spell critical strikes. This is often modified by abilities, talents, and your class. For instance, Death Knights, Mages, and Warlocks do 200% damage with their spells while other classes only do 150%. Healers all do 150% of their normal healing amount when a healing spell crits.

The Critical Strike Rating increases your chance to gain a critical strike, which has a base chance of 5%. Below is a table that tells you how to convert your rating into a percent (you can also look at your character pane to see what your current percent to gain a critical strike is).

Melee Critical Strike Rating required for 1% Critcal Strike chance.

Level 60 Level 70 Level 80 Level 85
14 22.08 45.91 179.34

Spell Critical Strike Rating required for 1% Critcal Strike chance.

Level 60 Level 70 Level 80 Level 85
14 22.07 45.9 179.28

You can also gain spell critical strike rating from Intellect. At level 85, for all classes, you can get 1% critical strike with 698 Intellect.

Haste Rating

Haste Rating increases your Haste which affects the speed of your attacks and how long it takes to cast a spell. The more Haste you have the faster you will attack and the quicker you can get your spells cast (both offensive and defensive). For instance, if a spell takes 10 seconds to cast and you have 10% haste then that spell will now only take 9 seconds to cast.

Haste Rating required for 1% haste:

Level 60 Level 70 Level 80 Level 85
10 15.77 32.79 128.125

Haste is important for everyone, especially damage dealers and healers. The more haste you have the more times you can attack in a certain period of time, which means you’ll naturally do more damage or heal for more.

In Cataclysm, haste rating also increases energy, rune, and focus regeneration for Rogues/Druids, Death Knights, and Hunters.

Hit Rating

You can naturally “miss” whenever you sling a spell or try to stab an enemy with your sword. This causes a sharp decrease in DPS or threat generation. The higher level the enemy the more chances you have to miss them (and most bosses are naturally 3 levels above you). This doesn’t mean a lot at lower levels when your damage per swing/spell isn’t high but at higher levels this can be brutal if your 9,000 damage spell misses its mark.

To make things somewhat more complicated, everyone needs a different amount of Hit Rating or Hit to “Hit Cap” which is the point in which they no longer are capable of missing with their spells, weapons, or abilities. Everyone has different needs, based on if they’re a caster or if they’re melee, if they duel wield, or if their talents give them any hit rating.

At level 85 simple melee needs enough Hit Rating to achieve 8% Hit (or roughly 961 Hit Rating). Casters require much more, 17% or 1742 Hit Rating. Duel Wielding classes need 28% or 3586 Hit Rating. When you’re in the lower tier ranges of gear, you shouldn’t sacrifice other stats for Hit Rating, but as you get more gear you should focus on obtaining the Hit Cap (Duel Wielding classes obviously will have a difficult time achieving it and therefore only work towards getting the “Yellow Damage” hit cap of 5% and then everything above is butter).

At lower levels Hit Rating can mostly be ignored. It’s great, but not necessary to do much of anything outside of random dungeons.

PvP requires a simple 5% in order to hit cap (which is easy enough to obtain while gearing for PvP).

Hit Rating required for 1% chance to hit with melee:

Level 60 Level 70 Level 80 Level 85
9.38 14.79 30.75 120.109

Hit Rating required for 1% chance to hit with spells:

Level 60 Level 70 Level 80 Level 85
10 12.62 26.45 102.45

Expertise Rating

Expertise is a “tanking” stat that also helps melee DPS. Expertise counteracts an enemy’s chance to dodge or parry. It’s important to note that an enemy can only parry any attacks from a frontal arc or essentially any attack from the front. Therefore, melee DPS can focus their attacks from the rear removing the risk for Parry, but the chance for Dodge still exists. However, there are times or positional skills that require you to attack from the front which is why melee DPS should also get Expertise as well.

You need 56 Expertise or 1682 Expertise Rating to cap at level 85.

Variable Combat Ratings

Mastery Rating

This is a statistic that only comes into play at higher levels and its benefit changes per class.

Defensive Combat Ratings


Resilience is a statistic that decreases the damage you take in PvP from other players and is viable for every class and race. Every percentage of resilience you have decreases damage taken from critical strikes by 2.2%, damage taken from player attacks decreased by 2%, and amount of mana drained or burned by 2.2%.

Block Rating

Blocking an attack with a shield will decrease the amount of normal damage by 30%. Block rating increases the chance that you will block an attack with your shield. At level 85 you need 88.3594 Block Rating for 1% increased chance to block.

Parry Rating

Parrying an attack will reduce the next two melee attacks by 50%. You need 176.71899 Parry Rating for 1% chance to Parry.

Dodge Rating

Dodging an attack ignores the attack completely. Like Parry Rating, you need 176.71899 for 1%, however this statistic is rarely located on gear.

Well that’s all the basics to combat ratings! If you’ve got questions and need answers head on over to the Ten Ton Hammer community forums and share your thoughts and opinions.

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