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Making Battlecruiser Care Packages In EVE Online - Page 2

Updated Fri, Feb 25, 2011 by Space Junkie

Drake Care Package

The following is needed for making a drake care package under ideal conditions:

  • x1 Drake Blueprint Copy (1-run)
  • x14 425mm Railgun I
  • x9 350mm Railgun I
  • x1,300 Doom Citadel Torpedo I
  • x100 Fusion XL
  • x10,320 Tritanium
  • x4,462 Nocxium
  • x1737 Zydrine
  • x309 Megacyte

EVE Online

Drakes and hurricanes are probably the most in demand of the battlecruiser hulls in any given area of space.


Hurricane Care Package

The following is needed for making a hurricane care package under ideal conditions:

  • x1 Hurricane Blueprint Copy (1-run)
  • x18 425mm Railgun I
  • x2200 Doom Citadel Torpedo I
  • x1 350mm Railgun I
  • x5,990 Tritanium
  • x6170 Pyerite
  • x3,158 Isogen
  • x1,107 Zydrine
  • x511 Megacyte

Harbinger Care Package

The following is needed for making a harbinger care package under ideal conditions:

  • x1 Harbinger Blueprint Copy (1-run)
  • x20 425mm Railgun I
  • x2,700 Thor Citadel Torpedo I
  • x8 800mm Repeating Artillery I
  • x100 Doom Citadel Torpedo I
  • x23,400 Tritanium
  • x2,488 Zydrine

Myrmidon Care Package

The following is needed for making a myrmidon care package under ideal conditions:

  • x1 Myrmidon Blueprint Copy (1-run)
  • x12 350mm Railgun I
  • x17 800mm Repeating Artillery I
  • x3 425mm Railgun I
  • x2,000 Thor Citadel Torpedo I
  • x13,943 Pyerite
  • x12,530 Mexallon
  • x5,102 Nocxium
  • x1,270 Zydrine
  • x239 Megacyte

Assembling and Selling Your Care Package

If there is such a shortage of ships that your corporation or alliance is finding it difficult to maintain an adequate fighting force, it may be best to sell your ship hulls with contracts, rather than on the market. The contracts may be set to only be available to members of your corporation or alliance, thus ensuring that your enemies will not re-list or otherwise harm your ability to get them to the people that need them.

Be sure that you also have the appropriate modules and ammunition to sell, with them. You may also wish to import the ammunition, nanite repair paste, synth boosters, and rigs.

Final Thoughts

The best part about having an effective way of getting ships to the front lines, wherever that may be, is that you can help your corporation and alliance alleviate a shortage, while still turning a profit. Don't feel guilty about any markup that you charge; after all, it is far better to pay a bit of a premium on a ship, than to not have the option of buying one.

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