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The Rift Podcast Joins the Trion Devs for a Roundtable Discussion

By Stacy Jones -

The Rift Podcast returns this week fresh from Trion's 3rd Gamer's Day event and on the eve of Rift's open beta. While attending the event, podcast hostess Arithion had the chance to sit in on a developer roundtable discussion with Scott Hartsman, Russ Brown and Hal Hanlin. The first part of the discussion has been posted with the second half to follow next week.

During the discussion, the Trion Worlds team touched on Rift's design, community feedback, cheats and hacks, the "we're not in Azeroth anymore" statement and why MMO doesn't mean WoW and much more. The team also discusses convenience features and how best to use them without negatively impacting the world, including the hotly debated LFG tools.

The full podcast is available on The Rift Podcast website and via iTunes.

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