EVE "Producer's Letter" Reflects on Past and Future Incursion Updates

By Stacy Jones -

This month EVE Online's February "Producer's Letter" reflects on the near two-month deployment of the Incursion expansion and all the chaos that followed ranging from bugs to Sansha's Nation Incursions, character facelifts and even the massive battle in which players fought back and destroyed the first known Sansha's Nation supercarrier was destroyed. The letter also notes that this isn't the end and more Incursion content is in the works.

The best part is that Incursion isn’t over. We’ve still got tons of changes and at least three more planned point releases for Incursion with the possibility of more stuff added in between them. First, on Tuesday, there’s the changes outlined in CCP Soundwave’s recent blog--a potent mix of quality of life changes that should bring something for everyone. Then the long-awaited switch from our old, admittedly dated forums to EVE Gate with all kinds of new functionality. The Incursion voyage means even more “little fixes” from Team BFF in the future, adjustments to the character creator and also some sizeable database steroid injections. Fixes and faces and uberhamsters oh my.

Additionally, the Incursion 1.2 update deployed today with new fixes and tweaks for several features. Check out the patch notes for all the details.

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