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Fallen Earth Dev Diary Previews Sector 4 and Alpha County

By Stacy Jones -

Fallen Earth Art Director Chris “Devo” Deavellar has posted a new developer diary with PC Gamer previewing the upcoming Sector 4 and Alpha County for the post-apocalyptic MMOG. The diary offers a look at some of the challenges players can expect to face in the new area, including a plant that grows 12 inches a day and an assortment of other nightmarish monstrosities created by the evil Globaltech Corporation.

Each county in Sector 4 will have its own unique look. The gray desolation of Alpha County will give way to slime and swampland in Epsilon County. In Theta, players will see the happy face that Globaltech put on for its investors and the general public. The architecture is a shining beacon of the future (although we already know how that failed to pan out).

Check out the full dev diary at PC Gamer.

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