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CCP Lays Down the Law for EVE's Singularity Test Server

Posted Tue, Feb 22, 2011 by Martuk

In an effort to create a better testing environment for EVE Online's Singularity test server, CCP has set out a new list of revised rules for the server aimed at cutting back on griefing and allowing for more diverse testing. The changes were made in part as a response to a rising number of incidents on the server that has caused a bad testing experience for some and is taking away QA time better spent on locating bugs.

In short, the rules will become more enforced on Singularity and include a list of new rules that players will have to adhere to. Some of those rules include not interfering with CCP, volunteer or testing, only consensual combat unless in the designated combat zone 6-CZ49, no harassing GMs, BugHunters or volunteers and several others.

There are quite a few changes on both the server and the test forums that EVE Singularity players will want to read up on because violating them can come with a heavy price.

If you are one of the people who find tears delicious, take moment to consider some other changes that we will be making. Permanent bans (the kind that are refreshed with every mirror) will no longer be removed on request. If you manage to nail yourself a permaban, most likely through very persistent douchebaggery, you can kiss Singularity good-bye. And yes, we will ban your alt accounts as well.

Check out all the latest Singularity rule changes in the latest EVE dev blog.


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