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Trion Devs Talk Customization, Content and Launch with The Rift Podcast

By Stacy Jones -

The Rift Podcast returns this week with the second half of their developer roundtable with Trion Worlds as we approach the head start launch of Rift. The second part of the roundtable discusses dynamic elements, server names and character customization. Executive Producer Scott Hartsman notes that players that have been wanting more skin color options for their chosen race will soon have them. The Trion team is already hard at work expanding the color options and more facial tweaks for players to choose from, but there are limitations to what Trion will do to help ensure performance remains strong for Rift.

As for the really sought after list of server names, players will have to wait a little while longer. The names of some servers will changes according to Scott Hartsman, but some will retain their beta label. What those are will be revealed sometime before head start begins this Thursday.

The full podcast is available on The Rift Podcast website and via iTunes.

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