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Updated Tue, Mar 08, 2011 by Savanja

A lot of new items have been added, including armor sets and weapons.  I assure you that you will need them.  However you were decked out for Sentinel's Fate, it won't be good enough to hold up against the mobs in DoV!  There might be some complaints regarding the scary amount of damage our new enemies can dish out, but the expansion supplies all of the tools that players need in order to progress.  EQ2 may not have added additional levels, but you will find that you're going to need all of your AAs and a full set of upgraded gear to feel like you are master of your domain once again.

<i>Want to give public quests a try? You can find them on your map.</i>

So does Destiny of Velious provide what the players want?  My early experience in the expansion says "Yes!"  The step up in challenge not only surprised but also delighted me.  New elements such as the public quests and flying mount give players something to get excited about again, but they also didn't skimp on old favorites, such as a new signature quest line and new heritage quests.  The level of art and sound quality that has been with EQ2 throughout most of its life, continues in this expansion and it is something that never fails to impress me.

Where does DoV lack? While more challenge is great, just tossing in higher damage and higher health on new mobs doesn't necessarily give EQ2 any real staying power.  As players upgrade their armor and weapons, the game will pretty much play as it did before and the high-level playerbase will be back to square one with many months to go before the next expansion finds its way into game.  The game needs some work done on itemization to bring in better balance between quested, looted, crafted, and battleground armor and I would love to see future updates add a bit more in diversity that isn't in the marketplace.

All in all, Destiny of Velious is a better quality expansion than what we have seen in recent years.  I give some credit to the developers for attempting to bring EQ2 back up to its glory days with more attention to collaborative gameplay rather than just tossing in a silly amount of solo content.  Every type of gamestyle has been addressed while still keeping the "multi" in "multi-player" reminding us all that EverQuest II is still a top notch MMOG in a sea of wannabes.

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