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Goldshire Roleplay Basics

First thing to understand about roleplaying in Goldshire is that it is often more of a “city roleplay” than anything else. So you’ll want to start thinking of a character biography that would fit into a small hamlet versus something that might fit more into a castle or dungeon. You’ll want to form your character around your physical attributes, background, and profession. So, for instance, if you were a tall thick lumbering Warrior then you might want to be a lumberjack from the Eastvale Logging Camp who has made the trip to Goldshire for supplies.

With the Cataclysm having happened and the entire Stormwind stormed Orgrimmar thing happening, it's important to add those details into your backstory.

Some professions are really difficult to roleplay because there is a lot of competition for those roles. For instance, there can only be one person tending the bar so it’d be difficult if there were five barkeeps. Likewise, the kitchen only needs a few cooks, so only a few people can roleplay as cooks. You have to also share the space with other RPers, so being selfish will just lead to a bad RP session.

Speaking of sharing, often times you’ll find an RP partner who will want to RP with you in private. This is a way to take your open world RP into a more detailed level, usually with another person or with a group of people RPing (like university RP or evil sorceress RP). If you find your RP interrupting others or if other people are distracting you then feel free to move it into private.

Another thing is addons. Some addons like Gryphonheart Items makes RPing in Goldshire a lot more interactive because you can create your own addons and script them to do all kinds of crazy things. That’s a lot of fun especially since you can trade those items with other roleplayers.

Don’t be afraid to use general chat to look for people to RP with. Its full of helpful roleplayers usually asking for others to join in on their RP and others are listening trying to find players to RP with. The best server for Goldshire RP is Moon Guard.

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