WoW: Introductory Guide to Roleplaying in Goldshire (Updated for 2014) - Page 3

Updated Tue, Apr 01, 2014 by Xerin

The Goldshire Inn’s Rooms

Alright, one thing that you ABSOLUTLY have to avoid is the private rooms upstairs in the inn. See, the big issue there is that a lot of Rogues and Thieves lurk there and make it into their hideout. They don’t like unsuspecting newbies walking into their territory so they immediately assassinate anyone who enters their turf. In the screenshot above you can see one of our reporters right before they were taken out for entering the room uptop. You don't want to go in there! It's dangerous!

That’s about the only place you cannot roleplay in Goldshire unless you join the “Thieves Guild.” The Thieves Guild is a collection of roleplayers who like to RP as thieves. You can’t enter the rooms safely unless you’re part of this guild. The worst part is that you don’t apply to join, they make you! So be on the lookout if you start stealing from the good people of Goldshire. You might just be invited to this exclusive club.

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