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Victory and Progression

When the war begins, how does a side win?  Well, besides the obvious destruction of all enemies in a game with no respawning, there is also a base that needs to be defended.  If a player enters the enemy base area and is undisturbed for 60 seconds, that team wins regardless of the current odds.  But rushing for this victory objective is hardly an option.  The bases are large areas, and almost completely flat and devoid of cover.  So going for a capture (which can be seen by all players when you enter the base area)  instantly makes you a good target for everyone in the area, and especially any artillery that are still alive.

Once that’s done, you’ll receive credits and experience.  The former is used for the purchase of new tanks, ammunition, and repairs.  Experience is used to train crew members, research new parts on a tank, and research new tanks entirely.  You cannot purchase a tank you haven’t researched, and it’s entirely possible to run a deficit after a battle where you fired a lot of rounds, died early, or a combination of both.

You'll spend a lot of time zoomed in, adjusting for better accuracy, and then firing that killing blow.  But your enemy is clever.  They'll use buildings, trees, cars, and even their defeated allies as cover to stop you from lining up that shot.

The Death Penalty, or lack thereof

Should you bite the dust early in a scenario, you don’t have to sit around and stare at your burning wreckage or watch your allies fight a futile battle.  You can leave the fight right then and there and start a new one with a different tank until that tank’s battle resolves in victory or defeat.  Credits and experience will still be rewarded as though you stayed there cheering your team on the entire time, which helps out those of us who tend to drive ahead of the pack, scout/skirmish, and meet an early end.

Alas, not all is right in war

There are a few frustrating issues in the beta though.  Number one is map imbalances.  Some maps have much easier access to cover, or an important chokepoint, or just flat out give one side a better firing position.  Other maps, such as any map with tons of buildings, basically render artillery useless.  It's wonderful to have variety in the maps and not just have them being mirrored over an axis, but it can be frustrating to have an uphill battle from the start.

Nothing is more frustrating than firing a massive artillery round across the map, have it right on top of an enemy heavy tank, and have it plink off and deal no damage.  Note, this happens even with the most advanced armor penetration ammo the vehicle has to offer!

The game really needs more documentation and numbers when it comes to vision.  Sometimes tanks are invisible while moving even a hundred feet away from you, and if you shoot from 400 feet away in the middle of the forest, every gun in the game will shoot at you 2 seconds later.  Even people with thousands upon thousands of games played can't tell you the exact way radios affect the battle.  Just the fact that the line of sight rule does not apply in this game may frustrate a lot players.  If you can see me, I can see you--nope.  Leading a charge and dying before you know what hit you is all too common as guns gain power, effective range, and accuracy.

Next, we cover the tank types themselves and the variety of playstyles they bring to the field.


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