EverQuest II Announces Game Update #60 - The Children of War

With the latest EverQuest II expansion "Destiny of Velious" (DoV) behind them, the SOE dev team has turned their attention to creating even more content. Today SOE announced the 60th game update (GU60) for EQII with The Children of War. Scheduled to deploy on May 17th, The Children of War will continue the storyline introduced with the latest expansion as part of the Age's End Prophecy saga.


Drunder returns to Norrath and it's bringing lots of new content with it.

GU60 will also introduce a new lobby with PvP merchants to give players a place to hang out and socialize while waiting for a PvP match in addition to a new Velious battleground map, The Frozen Tundra, and a new battleground type, Vanquish. New itemization improvements and PvP armors will also be available.

Additionally, Drunder will come into play for DoV owners and add three new dungeon instances to explore, three new raids with new bosses, daily missions and the return of one of my favorite stomping grounds from the original EverQuest, the Crystal Caverns.

One thing is for sure, last month's layoffs haven't slowed down the EQII dev team.

Source: SOE website

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