The Secret World's Revenant Revealed

The Secret World (TSW) prides itself on bringing the mythologies and legends to life as part of its world of intrigue and conspiracies. But what in all of those myths could be construed as the most evil and diabolical of creatures? recently got the scoop on TSW's latest reveal with the Revenant, and they don't get much darker and evil than this thing.

The Revenant is made up of the restless fragments of those that did great evil in their lifetime. So in essence, you could have a creature made up of fragments from Hitler, Vlad the Impaler and Josef Mengele all rolled into one very disturbing package. These creatures serve no master and only crave misery, pestilence, agony and death.

Said to be one of the most terrifying creatures in TSW, the Revenant is imbued with dark magic and capable of spreading disease and moving at a horrifying speed and manner.

Imbued with strong occult magic, they are able to change themselves into creatures associated with death and darkness: ravens, rats, spiders and worms. They can leap huge distances, crawl upside down at great speeds, and squeeze themselves through the narrowest of spaces.


The Revenant

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