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Champions Online Starts the Weekend with Updates, Discounts, and Free Content

Posted Fri, Apr 22, 2011 by Martuk

Champions Online (CO) is kicking off the weekend with special C-Store discount offers, new items and a ton of new update information. Cryptic has posted the second part of its April "Ask Cryptic" with another round of answers to community questions. The questions address everything from costume slot pricing to new content and even Cryptic's aspiration to send CO players to the moon.

There's even more information with CO's April "State of the Game" release. The update details new changes to the "Project Awakening" and "Stronghold Prison" Lairs, which are now live and can scale in difficulty according to team sizes. Details about CO's next update are also discussed and will include a scaling option for nearly all of the instanced missions for the game. Additionally, Silver account players will be able to enjoy the Serpent Lantern Adventure Pack for free this weekend along with an Experience and Resource boost. Oh yeah, customizable hideouts will be coming in July.

These are personal spaces for players to hang out and socialize in. Players will be able to customize their hideout in a number of ways and can have more than one. At launch we will have 4 different hideouts. They are Mom’s Basement, Cave, Arcane and Moonbase. Hideouts will also have some basic functionality that includes a Tailor, Crime Computer and Personal Bank. We will be posting more information about hideouts as we get closer to their launch as well as a hideout Q&A in the forums. For now please enjoy these preview images.

If you're gaming on a budget, from now through April 27th, you can also get a 75% discount on select consumable devices in the C-Store. Lastly, a new video for CO's newest power, Heavy Weapons, has been released and you can check it out after the break.


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