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Flying The Myrmidon In EVE Online - Page 2

Posted Tue, Apr 26, 2011 by Space Junkie

Low-Slots - Tank It Up

  • x2 Medium Armor Repairer I
  • x1 Armor Explosive Hardener I
  • x1 Armor Kinetic Hardener I
  • x1 Armor Thermic Hardener I
  • x1 Magnetic Field Stabilizer I

That's right, two armor repairers. The capacitor cost is a killer, but will allow players with very low skills to tank damage in missions that were intended by CCP to be oriented toward older players. The two armor repairers should not be left on constantly unless they are needed, but rather you should pulse them whenever you feel the need.

EVE Online

The myrmidon is cheap, but can be upgraded over time as mission difficulties increase.

The three armor hardeners listed above are for an "omni-tank" meaning that you should be able to tank most missions reasonably well. You should be able to breeze through most missions with those, without a problem. In more difficult missions, you should change your hardeners so that you are tanking the damage inflicted by the specific NPCs that you are fighting. This will dramatically improve your ability to withstand damage.

The magnetic field stabilizer adds an extra chunk of damage to your blasters. If you are going entirely the drone route and don't plan on micromanaging your guns, it may be better to throw an extra armor harder in there.


  • x5 Hammerhead I
  • x5 Warrior I

The exact drones used should vary depending on what NPC you are facing in a given mission. Look up what NPCs you will be fighting against, and swap your drones accordingly.

Rigs (Optional)

x1-x3 Medium Capacitor Control Circuit

The extra capacitor afforded by the "CCC" rigs is only necessary if you are constantly using your second armor repairer. If you are not, it may be better to plug in an "Auxillary Nano Pump I" module for additional repairing, or any of the various armor resistance rigs.

That said, the myrmidon can usually handle level three and lower missions just fine, without breaking a sweat. It is entirely possible to skip the rigs, and I would recommend starting without them and adding them as you find yourself in need of more capacitor and have the ISK to spare.


Like nearly any ship, the myrmidon benefits considerably when its modules are upgraded to a named version or tech two. The cap rechargers and armor hardeners are not too tough to skill up for, and improve significantly. On the other hand, tech two blasters take quite a long skill grind to train for, and are not the main point of the ship by any means. There are better things to train, at least initially.

Note that most players probably don't use tech two drones in missions because of how easy it is to lose them and how much more they cost. For this reason it is better to train up your drone-related support skills. Indeed, this is the best way to improve your myrmidon's performance, and will benefit you down the line when you get into a dominix battleship or any of the tech two Gallente options.

Fly Safe

Put bluntly, in most missions the myrmidon is newbie-proof. You can screw up a bit, but it's pretty tough for a low-level mission to get you into the kind of scrape that would make you lose the myrmidon. This, even with even the most rudimentary skills. Remember to let the drones do the bulk work for you, and to not worry about salvage too much. Fly Safe!


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