End of Nations Preview Offers Look at Archetypes and End of the Line Map

By Stacy Jones -

RTS meets MMO in Petroglyph's End of Nations. But how has the game changed since our last update from PAX Prime 2010?

It's been a while since our last bit of news End of Nations, but recently got the chance to check out the game's latest changes and get some hands on time with a four-player co-op map called End of the Line. The preview offers some insight into the MMO elements of the game in which players can choose a faction and archetype for their commander by spending talent points, allowing them to become a tank, healer or damage dealer.

How you spend your Commander's talent points will also shape your units into one of the three MMO archetypes: tank, healer, or damage dealer. My Commander was more of a healer archetype that had a lot of defensive units, so I could make repair bots that would scurry around my tanks and fix them. In general, Commanders get tech abilities that allow them to call down certain units and initiate hard-hitting abilities like a nuke, whereas units get individual abilities that do things like buff nearby ally damage or shell opponents for bonus damage for a certain period of time.

Source: End of Nations Preview

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