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Clan Wars

world of tanks
Clan wars!
Clan Wars is probably the last understood aspect of World of Tanks, even among longtime World of Tanks players schlepping through the middle tiers. Last month, the realtime territory control system came to US servers with 2 continents – Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. The update came months after the feature went live in Russia, where 7 sub-continents and 800 territories are up for grabs for the game’s 4,500 active clans.

“The good news for the US is that there are no rich guys – yet – sponsoring any clans.” Pointing to the map, he noted that a clan he calls the ‘Rats’ (I can’t read Cyrillic) have taken over Northern Europe. I asked Victor if he was worried about one clan taking over and taking the fun out of the game. Victor explained that until recently, the Rats had been pushed around by other alliances until they forged a critical set of alliances that allowed them to conquer a vast territory. In time, he’s certain that other clans will do the same thing to the Rats. “We are absolutely not worried about this thing getting boring… we don’t control this game. Why would we interfere with all this conspiracy, backstabbing, allying, double-crossing – all the crazy stuff that goes on behind the scenes. That’s the beauty of the game.”

world of tanks

The battle isn’t just for bragging rights – each territory pays the clan gold, the average being 2000 gold (or about $20) – and there’s no cost to participate. And Victor has a word for any prospective clans thinking that they might have missed out by coming late to the party: “Just jump in.” With about two weeks of gametime, players will be into the Tier 4 and Tier 5 tanks, and that should be good enough to attack a landing zone and compete.

The Future of World of Tanks

world of tanks
The mighty T-34 at E3 2011
With Clan Wars seemingly running like clockwork, I asked Victor what was in store for World of Tanks in the future. He put it succinctly: “More tanks, more maps, and a new gameplay mode.” More tanks I’d heard of – the surprisingly powerful French tank tree is coming this autumn. (Historical oddity – the French had some of the best armor in the world at the beginning of WWII, but, sadly, were fewer in number, plus tanks tend to be better on offense than defense.) Victor also hinted that Japanese and British tanks might be coming in 2012.

The “more maps” part was plain enough – all maps are free, and “Mountain Pass” and “Steppes” came into the game with the last update, plus has been known to toss up new maps for weekend events.

world of tanks

Yet the new gameplay mode was intriguing. Victor outlined what he called “garage battles” (working title), a 5v5 deathmatch with a more MOBA-like session time – roughly 45 minutes. Unlike the current random battles, where players either wipe out the other team or capture their base to win, garage battles would allow players to swap in tanks from their garage when their tank is knocked out. “You know who killed you,” Victor noted, “and you can exact some revenge with a different tank.” As for a timeframe, we can expect ‘garage battles’ to appear “within months”.

Thanks to Victor Kislyi for his time between rockstar camera sessions, Arthur Propagatau, Dima Pinchuk, and everyone that staffed the raucous World of Tanks booth presence at E3 2011.

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