Huxley Preview at GameSpot

Posted Wed, Jun 22, 2005 by Boomjack

Huxley, it sounds like a T.V. sitcom.
GameSpot has a preview Huxley online and raring to be read. We checked it once. We checked it twice. We still think they maybe wrote this:

"Though not much about the game is known so far, what we do know is that it simply looks fabulous. The very impressive gameplay trailer that was shown off was running in real time on the latest graphics cards. Of course, the demo focused heavily on the technical aspects of the game, such as the depth-of-field effect that realistically blurs objects in the foreground or in the distance, depending on what you're focusing on. The characters themselves are rendered in vivid detail. For example, you can see the bulging forearms of a soldier, as well as facial self-shadowing, like the shadows on his cheeks and neck. A swarm of giant insectlike creatures then entered the scene. The game was paused so that the designers could show off the incredible amount of detail on each creature. They zoomed in on the skin, which looked like flesh and not some kind of textured polygon."

You can read the entire Huxley Preview at GameSpot.


Publisher NHN USA has reached an agreement with developer Webzen to return the publishing rights for its MMOFPS,

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