LotRO's Update 3 Patch 1 Goes Live

Posted Tue, Jun 21, 2011 by gunky

All servers were down for the Lord of the Rings Online for a few hours on Monday morning as Turbine applied the first patch for Update 3. This patch fixed numerous bugs that have cropped up since Update 3 went live, and addresses some issues related to the merging of former Codemasters' EU servers with Turbine's Global Service.

A few significant things have gone into this update. Firstly, the Rift of Nurz Ghashu skirmish has been brought back into play, allowing people to complete epic books. However, the Inn of the Forsaken instance has been stricken from the Classic Instance join panel. The items from the Inn of the Forsaken instance are still available from the Classic skirmish vendor, but with no way to earn the barter tokens.

Secondly, the jewellery sets from the Halls of Night instance have been made Bind-On-Acquire, resulting in an 11th-hour bidding war late Sunday night as people scrambled to buy and/or sell the Bracelet and Ring of Brawling while it was still Bind-On-Equip. Strangely, the Medallions of the North-men are now "Bind to Account On Acquire" instead of Bind On Acquire. This was not announced in the patch notes.

Also worthy of note: a number of special bonus items from past pre-order and promotional packages have been consolidated between former Codesmasters and North American servers. Players from both sides of the Atlantic may notice some weird new items in their packs after the patch.

The official patch notes can be read in the Lorebook entry.

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