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Updated Mon, Jun 27, 2011 by Saia

4.2 is a much bigger patch with more than double the content of 4.1. Do you think players are going to be excited by the size of Rage of the Firelands?

GS: It’s a lot, yeah. Compared to 4.1, which was a much smaller patch, 4.2 is a much more traditional for us. Overall I think we don’t want to fall into anything that feels too formulaic. We don’t want players to be saying “Oh the third patch is always the five-player dungeon and the fourth patch is the new battleground.” Mixing it up a little bit keeps it fresh and the announcements exciting.

So who is your favourite boss in the Firelands raid?

GS: I really like Beth’tilac, the spider. That one’s going to feel the most unusual to players because of the vertical movements. As a designer, I also really like the Fandral Staghelm fight because it’s a very simple fight - on paper at least. But the devil’s in the details and actually pulling it off is going to be challenging. All the druids want his staff too! That said, it’s always fun when you have a personal reason for killing a boss for more than just his loot.

So we’ve got seven bosses to fight in the Firelands raid, do you think it’s enough or are you worried people are just going to zerg on through?

GS: We hope so! The heroic modes are going to be very challenging so anyone who wants to zoom through normal mode and not heroic may run out of content quickly. We thought that, perhaps, we had too many raid bosses in the Cataclysm launch so we were trying to find out what the sweet spot is. We also like to keep it fresh, we’ll do seven this time but that doesn’t mean every raid from now on will only have seven bosses.

So, according to the patch notes, the legendary quest only open to certain classes. Is that just to annoy hunters?

GS: We just didn’t want there to be any possibility of drama, it’s really not a very good weapon for hunters! I mean it would have stats they could potentially use but the proc wouldn’t work for them. There’s just no reason to give it to a hunter!

Being able to transform into Tarecgosa is very cool but it’s nice to see that the reward of getting the weapon with everyone in the guild in the form of Lil’ Tarecgosa.

GS: Yeah and it’s really an epic questline. I don’t want to spoil it too much but players are gonna see some things that we’ve never done in quests before. There’s a couple of bosses that you have to fight with your raid group, later on you go solo with Tarecgosa, the Blue Dragon, into the Nexus and fight through a load of new content there. Players are gonna be talking about this for a long time, I think.

Greg is a nice guy and all, but lets face the facts. He has singlehandedly done more to hurt the game than any Blizzard staff member since the inception of the title.

Removal of keys? Another dumbing down of the game that is meant entirely to cater to a casual minority. I disagree strongly with this move. Attunements and Keys were NOT a roadblock to content, despite what some misguided people may believe.

I would come back and play again full time if someone else was at the reigns, until that day comes my WoW account is shelved.

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