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Updated Mon, Jun 27, 2011 by Saia

So how does the new phasing mechanic in the Molten Front work?

GS: The biggest difference when content is phased is you only see other players that are in the same phase as you. Whereas the way we did Molten Front was different. The technology is called “personal invisibility” so you see something that the other players don’t but they’re still right there. That way, you don’t have the experience of going “Where are my friends? It says they’re right next to me but I don’t see them.” Even if you’re not with friends, it’s cool to see players next to you doing things, after all that’s what makes it feel like a social game, knowing that those characters out there are other players.

So how long will it take players to finish then?

GS: We were trying to engineer the time around a few months, understanding that some players will be able to finish it a lot faster. We didn’t want it to feel super sloggy for players that were playing a couple of times a week.

And when you finish, players will get an extra reward in the form of a firey flying mount?

GS: Actually, that mount in particular is really interesting. We made that some time ago and didn’t use it for its original purpose. Then when this came up, we’re like “Guys, we have the perfect reward already made.”

So if you could only tells us about one quest included in the patch, what would it be?

GS: Wow, there’s so many things that I love about the patch but there’s one quest in the Molten Front that pairs you wish a famous NPC whom you’ve probably met or quested with before. It’s random every time so it’s a lot of fun to do the quest and see who you’re gonna get. Sometimes players will be like, who is this guy? Then others will be like, oh yeah, him!

How did you get the dailies to be so random and dynamic this time? They can be really boring and tedious …

GS: Yeah daily quests used to be the new hotness and then doing the same quest every day really starts to get redundant. So we’re trying a new system where you can do a quest multiple times but you never know what you’re going to get. It feels a little more fresh and new quests will be unlocked over time.

Greg is a nice guy and all, but lets face the facts. He has singlehandedly done more to hurt the game than any Blizzard staff member since the inception of the title.

Removal of keys? Another dumbing down of the game that is meant entirely to cater to a casual minority. I disagree strongly with this move. Attunements and Keys were NOT a roadblock to content, despite what some misguided people may believe.

I would come back and play again full time if someone else was at the reigns, until that day comes my WoW account is shelved.

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