Planetside 2 Beta Key Giveaway

Posted Wed, Jun 06, 2012 by Shayalyn

Planetside 2 Beta Giveaway

Ten Ton Hammer is giving away a handful of coveted beta keys for Planetside 2! Check out our hands-on preview for a look at what's in store for SOE's groundbreaking MMO FPS franchise, and enter below for your chance to be one of the first to play this hot upcoming title.

To enter, simply use the "enter email" option below to submit your entry, or click "Login with Facebook" for some extra chances to win! Five winners will be randomly drawn on Friday, June 15, 2012. Beta keys will be emailed to winners, so be sure to add to your email client's list of approved domains.

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Cant hardly wait for this game!

I already played Planet Side 1 and it was the best game ever for me! <3
And now Planet Side 2 is comming with epic trailers ! <3

you can get a beta key if you are a vet of the first planetside dumb ass you need to get an invite from the planetside 2 beta

Just because you were a PS1 vet doesn't mean you will get a beta invite. I was not only a PS1 vet, but also a PS1 Alpha and Beta tester, and still have not received a beta invite for PS2 when many others have. If I get one I do, if not, oh well.

On another note... shouldn't start name calling, especially when the previous poster didn't really do or say anything to warrant that.

I cant w8 to. Mass FPS i realy want fight in war on that size

Hi I've just always wanted a beta key for this game and have been trying on twitter for days. I would really be so excited if I could play with my son because he got a key but is currently serving in Afghanistan. Thank you


I might as well try to get one.

Thanks for the chance

Cannot wait for PS2

This game looks really great and a beta key would be very great :3

Very excited to play this game. Wanted to play the original Planetside for a few years now, but never had my rig up to play it. I was wishing that it hadn't become so outdated. Then, I read news about Planetside 2, or as ot was initially called, Planetside Next. I've been signed up for beta a while now. Looks like it's going to be a really awesome game.

Played planetside for 7 years, can't wait for this game !<3

you know ur hooked on ps2 when u type tr at work & think "terrain republic" :)

cool !!!!!! I love Planetside!!

this game will be so effing epic! now, give me my key!! just kidding.., but seriously, I NEED THAT KEY! ahem. thanks for the opportunity to get a key.


bigfangs ready to sink her teeth into this game all night long!

<3333 PLanetside would love a key tooooo!! :P

Loyalty until death!
Planetside 2 key so I can kill those rebel scum.

I would love a beta key :)

Planetside 2 FTW

NC Nova re-unite!!!! Time to pwn faces again!!!!

Cannot wait for this game.

The first ever F2P game that I actually wouldnt mind spending money in their cash-shop.

This is a comment.

Would love a beta key, this game looks fantastic! Thx for compo.

I loved PL 1 and can't wait to hopefully try this game, Congregate!

I'm gonna win that key !! :D



Tentonhammer will make the right choice......
They're one of the best reviewers etc.
A beta key would be nice :)

this is misleading, it says all you need to do is give email, but then it asks for your name as well AND you have to like them on facebook or follow on twitter, i dont have a facebook or twitter account and now my AHJGFKJAG email and name are going to be resold to some advertising agency.

Yay for paranoia.

Don't like how this contest is being held.

The hunt for the beta key continues :D

Can't wait to get back onto Auraxis and rain righteous retribution upon some barney/elmo tail.

It's a comment.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay ~~ Planetside 2 must be awesome! I wish I could play it..

Question for Planetside 1 players!
I played Planetside 1 and I just signed up for the beta. When do they release beta keys for PS1 players / did they release them already?? I still haven't gotten one...

Also, PS2 is gonna be soooo goooooood, can't wait

Since TB made videos about it, I've been thinking about that game alot ! Want to play it now :(

*cross fingers*

This game is too good! Hope i get a key :(

wanna play


i hope i will get beta key i tryd to get at twitter but people just Getting it so fast and its Like they animals hunting food this is crazy

I just wanna thank you guys for doing this, i really hope i will be chosen for this beta key. ive been waiting for this for so long.
again thanks alot guys
-hunter :D

wanna key~!!

I am looking forward for this game.

I would really like the key, I've been looking out for this game sinc I heard of it.

Looking really forward to beta, I hope I win one.

i played planetside 1 for a long time and would love a beta key to part 2

man i would love a beta key played ps1 for along time,i want to try this game so bad been trying to get beta key since i heared about it tryed to get one on twitter but couldidnt


One war zone on Auraxis just got a hot new revamp. All it needs now is a little red to decorate.

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