New PlanetSide 2 Lore Reveals More About the Auraxis Conflict

Sony Online Entertainment has revealed two more segments of PlanetSide 2 backstory that chronicles the escalating war on Auraxis.

Sony Online Entertainment has revealed more of the Marv Wolfman penned backstory for PlanetSide 2. The two latest chapters expand on the growing conflict between the Terran Republic and New Conglomerate and a diary entry of the original expedition that led the once unified members of the Terran Republic to Auraxis.

The first of the two new PlanetSide 2 backstories delves into past events that led to the New ConglomerateÂ’s revolt against the Terran Republic, inevitably leading to war with the dictator-like faction.

In a move directly planned to keep the New Conglomerate from resisting Terran Republic control, all political gatherings were banned. Groups of more than three, unless they were a family, were not permitted the right of assembly. Refusal to follow T.R. laws were punishable by imprisonment, and in some cases death. N.C. officers were rounded up and imprisoned without proof of wrongdoing or even a trial. The N.C. pleaded for the return of all personal freedoms, but then T.R. refused. They were trying to work a compromise when both sides walked from the table and war broke out.

The second story is told from the perspective of Terran Republic Commander Thomas Connery following the crewÂ’s departure from Earth and attempts to find a planet and the hardships endured during the journey.

There is no way back. Starmaps are useless. Our scanners haven’t detected even a single oxygen based planet anywhere near us. And as awful as our plight is, there are rumors that there’s been talk of armed insurrection. I hope for all our sakes that talk is all it is. I’m afraid if that sort of rebellion begins I won’t be able to hold back the Military who’s been begging me for weeks to let them deal with the “mess” as they call it. As much as it goes against everything I believe I may not have any choice.

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