PlanetSide 2 to Get Australian Server

Good news for Australian gamers. SOE will be giving you your own PlanetSide 2 server.

With the launch of any new major online game, itÂ’s not uncommon to see our unfortunate gamer brethren in Australia to be left with distant servers that donÂ’t provide the best of gaming experiences. Luckily, that will not be the case with PlanetSide 2 and our gaming brothers and sisters should have to put up with a little less lag.

In a recent Twitter post responding to a topic about gauging interest in a server for Australia, SOE boss John Smedley confirmed that the team will be adding an Australian server for the MMOFPS.

While you wait for that beta invite and the inevitable launch, be sure to check out our PlanetSide 2 news and find out why the New Conglomerate rocks.

via CVG
Source: John Smedley's Twitter

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