Most Anticipated Games of 2012 Finalists Announced

Updated Thu, Dec 15, 2011 by Shayalyn

At the end of November, we asked Ten Ton Hammer readers to tell us which PC games they couldn't wait to get their hands on in 2012. We gave them a few weeks to vote, and the ability to vote more than once (verified with Captcha) and then sat back and counted nearly 78,000 votes. The developers of many of the games we'd nominated for the voting process informed their fans, and we're pretty sure we heard a series of war whoops as the rallying cry went out amongst opposing factions. Our results prove what the power of community can do.

Most Anticipated MMOG of 2012

Guild Wars 2 held a strong lead early in the voting process, with The Secret World following on its heels. But soon our fans demanded that Planetside 2 and Firefall--two games we hadn't included due to uncertainty as to whether they would fully launch in 2012-- be added to the list of nominees. We answered the call, and both games quickly jumped into the top 3.

The fan communities for Firefall and Planetside 2 rallied to give their games the upper hand through organized voting efforts. Although Guild Wars 2 clung to the top spot throughout the poll, in the last 48 hours Firefall fans gained the upper hand. Here's what happens when a community works together:

Most Anticipated MMOG Winners

  1. Firefall
  2. Guild Wars 2
  3. Planetside 2

Honorable mentions include (in order from most votes to least): The Secret World, Neverwinter, TERA, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (expansion), World of Darkness, and End of Nations.

Most Anticipated PC RPG (Non-MMO) of 2012

There were fewer surprises in the PC RPG category, but several games did jockey for position. The Blizzard juggernaut kept its pimp hand strong, and Diablo III held the top spot throughout the voting process. Mass Effect 3, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Borderlands 2, and Torchlight II flip-flopped around the second and third place positions for a while until some clear victors emerged.

Most Anticipated PC RPG Winners

  1. Diablo III
  2. Mass Effect 3
  3. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Honorable mentions include (in order from most votes to least): Borderlands 2, Torchlight II, Bioshock: Infinite, Class 3, and Prey 2.

Vote in the Battle of the Finalists!

Now that our victors have been announced, we're pitting the top three finalists in each category against each other for Most Anticipated Game of 2012! How will a hotly anticipated MMOG like Guild Wars 2 hold up against an incredibly popular franchise like Diablo? Will the voice of community again prevail to give games like Firefall and Planetside 2 the edge? We won't know if you don't vote, so cast your vote for Most Anticipated Game of 2012 now!

There is no captcha. The captcha is a lie!

Hey Stark, If you're a registered viewer, you shouldn't get the Captcha dialogue. Is something acting hinky?

Oh, and please see the above comment about the possible ad blocker issue.

Trine 2 was still well on track for a 2011 release last time I checked...

You may well be right. But if a developer or publisher hasn't announced a release date this late in the year, we're guessing it's likely a 2012 launch. Feel free to not vote for it on principle :)

captcha does not appear if your a non registered user.

Just checked in IE 8, Chrome, and Firefox, and I'm seeing Captcha as an anonymous user. Can you (or anyone) provide me with any more details?

One possible cause is that you're running an ad blocker. This isn't an evil plan to make you view ads (though they pay our bills), but if a lack of Captcha is preventing you from submitting the form, I'd recommend disabling your ad blocker.

No Firefall option? There is a critical flaw in this poll.

Firefall isn't following a traditional launch rollout - they explained it to us as a "Gmail invite" launch model. As such, they haven't offered any clues on a date when anyone who wants to can play, but it makes sense to include them in this list.

While we check with Red5, please feel free to write-in Firefall.

Target date for their store is December. Since their launch is unique still you have to consider when they start charging customers for services and product.

WoD isn't on schedule to come out next year ccp even said so.

I have to question the decision not to institute a time limit between votes. Is that a bug or intended?

There is a brief enforced delay (in addition to captcha) between submits to prohibit bots from skewing voting, but we don't want to prohibit zealous (human) fans from serial voting.

Please let us see the list of voting progress so far.

Right now we're only displaying the top three in each category. We'll see about a periodic updates prior to the end of voting, but will definitely post the final scoreboard at the end of next week.

Thank you, Ethec. I really enjoy your voting site. The captcha challenges and voting every 30 sec is sure not for the quitters. A fair voting site!!

Trine 2 will be released tomorrow. And tomorrow is still 2011

Your votingsite ( most anticipated games of 2012) says: "you may vote one time(s) very 30 seconds." True ? If so, why is there "CAPTCHA session reuse attck detected ?" Would those votes still counted?

When was the last time the votes were checked to see who is in first place? I have been voting for Firefall non stop and was wondering how close we are to beating guild wars.

I believe votes are tabulated more or less in real time and updated as the cache allows.

isn't it about time for Firefall to be No. one ? Because, Firefall truly is the best game !!!

Anyway, whatever the outcome might be, life without your votingsite is bording. Here, i come, voting away..... for Firefall, of coure. :)

Firefall the beste Game !!!!

Firefall sucks going to be a flash in the pan game that no one will remember in a year or two.

sick of the same stale IPs. Voting fore Firefall and Class3 for a breath of fresh air with new IPs

Firefall is awesome !!! The game of lifetime !!!

Woot, Firefall #1 again, Perfect =)!

Guild wars 2 is much better than Firefall

Sorry for double post

Guild wars 2 is much better than Firefall

Yeah, but the few Firefall fans and devs are spam-voting all day ;)

Useless poll.

yeah, the 260,000 member community is just a few...

Devs don't spam, don't you know that by now?
They send their legion of fanboys to do their bidding.

Lol, never even heard of firefall.

Wait, people can vote more than once? Lol what the fuck is the point of this then? Some fanboiz are just going to spam vote. Useless poll... idiots.

Never a dull second at this voting site !! And ten-ton votes should go to Firefall !!!

Ehh .... what the fuck is Firefall? There's nothing possibly greater than Guild Wars 2. Ever.

Sure there is, it's called Firefall.

I've seen Fire fall, it's just a 3rd person shooter gone rpg. The graphics, innovation, and gameplay goes to Guild wars 2. There WILL be no better mmorpg until Diablo 3 comes to compete.

Interesting "There WILL be no better mmorpg" that's good.

but I would like to point out that Firefall is not a mmorpg so you don't have to worry.. if you want to call it a mmo it's a mmofps, different style of game and Diablo 3 will not be a mmorpg it's only a multiplayer game will a battlenet to join friends in games.

Firefall is 2 different games with two different fan bases. Sure Firefall fan base is more excited about the game then the Guild Wars 2 fan base only because there is no other game like Firefall on the market and to be bringing a game that is new f2p is exciting.

Never heard of it, and probably never will, unless you count surveys where you can just spam your vote.

Too late, you've already heard of it since you've read the article.

what article?
I just saw the name, doesn't really mean I've actually heard of it. As it is, I have no damned idea in hell what that game is about, the only thing I know about it is the fact that its devs and fans enjoy abusing polls (which deserve no better than to be abused when they are so badly coded that you can vote as often as you want... )


Well Firefall fans and devs,feel free to spam votes but it dosnt matter,we all know GW2 gonna WAY much better game.I doubt spamming this poll will make your crappy game any better. :P

yep, every game beating your game in a poll must be a crappy game with a few people spamming votes. Nice to see people handling their game's defeat so maturely.

Derp? Your stupid is showing.
Have you played GW2 or FireFall? How can you say one or the other is "better" or "crappy"? (let me guess, your ignorance somehow grants you clairvoyance.)
Your argument suggests that games somehow diminish in quality just because another game is released.

Just because one epic game comes along doesn't mean all other games are rendered obsolete.
I.E: A great classic game such as LoZ:OOT or CS 1.6 is still a great game even with games such as Mass Effect/ Guild Wars/etc came out.

Now go take your feeble attempt at trolling somewhere else, fanboy.

I was going to say good post but then I realized you cheat...

if Guild Wars 2 fans voted as much as they talked trash, they'd probably win.

well, i think it's better to have 500 votes from 500 fans than 500 votes from 50 fans that have nothing better to do the whole day, or are using some program to vote :) (it's just an example of course).

Useless votation.

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