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Most Anticipated Game of 2013 Poll

From Age of Wushu to World of Warplanes and everything in between, 2013 promises to be a great year for MMOGs. Judging by how many of you read related articles, you've already let us know that you're closely watching high-profile titles like Neverwinter and The Elder Scrolls Online. But you've also shown a keen interest in innovators like WildStar, Marvel Heroes, and MechWarrior Online, which may not have the power of a juggernaut IP behind then, but have captured your gamer imaginations nonetheless.

Voting for the Most Anticipated Game of 2013 has ended, but check back with Ten Ton Hammer very soon to find out our winner!

How do I get WorldAlpha added to the list! :)


It is always interesting how people actually consider the games for voting, mostly what I see is fanboy knee jerk reactions here >.<

Some of these games are not even MMOG (MWO, Dust514, WoP, etc.)...

Due to fan reactions last year, we decided not to be purists and added some of the popular multiplayer titles we frequently cover to the list.

I honestly have no interest at all in most of those games.

I'm pretty psyched for Neverwinter...

Also 'most anticipated' is a bit misleading. I don't know all the games on the list, but for example Mechwarrior Online, while still in beta is quite playable right now, where as The Elder Scrolls Online is not available to play. Those being the two I'm most interested in.

Neverwinter absolutely! Never before have I been impressed by a free game like this before. Graphics looks so good they can compete with subgames! Excellent story and Action combat combined with Dungeons Dragons 4th edition rules. Wizards of The Coast supports it and it is Forgotten Realms fantasy World. Mainly PvE game, but it will also have PvP Battlegrounds for large groups of players. On top of that players can create instance adventures that other players can enjoy meant for 1-5 players. However it is balanced so only developers can make changes to the Open World and of course there is an Epic main story.

I played the heck out of Neverwinter at industry events last year, and genuinely dig everything I've seen so far. It easily has one of the best active combat systems I've played in an MMO to date, and I also think Cryptic has done an excellent job of capturing the spirit of the setting.

I voted for Firefall. It’s just too much fun, even still in its Beta stage. My friends call it: “The King of fun.” We could play Firefall together all night, not wanting to call it a night.

I vote for Runescape, it is really amazing and Jagex usually release many updates, which make this game more challenging and interesting. Runescape accounts for sale are usually available with a decent discount for players. I hope more players join this game!

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