VOTE: Most Anticipated MMOG of 2013

The coming year promises to be a great one for gamers. We're asking you to vote for your most hotly anticipated MMOG of 2013. Rally your friends and guildies, and may the best MMOG win!
Most Anticipated Game of 2013 Poll

From Age of Wushu to World of Warplanes and everything in between, 2013 promises to be a great year for MMOGs. Judging by how many of you read related articles, you've already let us know that you're closely watching high-profile titles like Neverwinter and The Elder Scrolls Online. But you've also shown a keen interest in innovators like WildStar, Marvel Heroes, and MechWarrior Online, which may not have the power of a juggernaut IP behind then, but have captured your gamer imaginations nonetheless.

Voting for the Most Anticipated Game of 2013 has ended, but check back with Ten Ton Hammer very soon to find out our winner!

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