Neverwinter Messenger Bag Giveaway

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Over the past few weeks we've given our members branded backpacks, t-shirts and other swag the Ten Ton Hammer crew picked up at E3 2011. We've finally come to the last of our swag--two Neverwinter cloth messenger bags, complete with a themed notebook and pen.

For a chance to win this contest, we're asking our premium members to head to the Members Only Forums to join some of the great topics already happening there, or to create some new ones. On Tuesday, July 12, we'll select two random threads, and from those threads we'll select our two random winners. (In order for your post to qualify it must add something to the conversation. Spam posts won't be considered.)

If you haven't already, find out why our premium members say that our forum community is full of win (literally and figuratively). Go ahead--start posting!

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