Gamebox and Wargaming Lock Horns Over Project Tank Infringement Claim

Posted Fri, Apr 12, 2013 by Martuk

Free-to-play browser title Project Tank, a World War II-based tank fighting title, has apparently come under fire from World of Tanks publisher and developer Wargaming. According to a recent statement from Gamebox, Project Tank’s website and Facebook page were recently been taken down. The message cites a Wargaming intellectual property infringement claim as the reason. The Project Tank website and Facebook app page now display the following message: LLP (developer & publisher of World of Tanks) has recently launched a series of underhand actions against Project Tank, including using their connections to shut down our facebook page (http:/, over PT’s purported “infringement” of their intellectual property rights.

Continuously sabotaged by Wargaming, Project Tank and Gamebox have never intended to pose a threat or compete at any platform with World of Tanks. The graphics used in Project Tank are our efforts to reconstruct WWII battle scenes. We feel truly shocked and bullied by Wargaming, a giant company of the gaming industry who is apparently “threatened” by a closed beta phase browser game aiming to provide a cheaper, fairer, and more accessible war game to players around the world.

As we are dealing with this issue with legal measures to protect this game, the PT closed beta has now come to an end. The open beta server will be open in approximately a month.

It’s hard to deny that there are some similarities between the two games, but is it a case of infringement? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

We’ve contacted Gamebox and Wargaming both for further comment.

Source: Gamebox Press Announcement

Obvious rip off. In game garage is near identical to World if Tanks. Tech trees are near identical. Tank modules and xp required are nearly identical. Wargaming needs to sue the trousers off of them.

Unless they stole actual assets from World of Tanks (models, code,etc) Wargaming is being a bully as stated because "near identical" does not mean what I think you think it means. Just take a look at all the cheap knock offs of CoD or Halo for examples of games being near identical but still legal.

I think World of Tanks is a great game however, if hey think they invented tank sims and or tank arcade games they are full of themselves and other stuff.

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