Alan Wake Review (PC)

Ten Ton Hammer
Ten Ton Hammer Rating

Value - 87 / 100

For once, we have a PC port on our hands that is priced properly. At $29.99, you’ll get to experience the full game in all its glory, DLC included, and it’s a pretty respectable port at that. Nothing stands out as being too weird once you get accustomed to the controls, and it’s an experience most people would enjoy—so long as you’re not afraid of the dark. The game doesn’t have much to offer once you’ve cleared it...but with a full retail price point of 30 bucks, I don’t mind so long as it’s a hell of a ride.

How the hell do you people drive without headlights in this dark game?

Lasting Appeal - 65 / 100

In my mind as a reviewer, I’ll remember this game as a PC port that restored my faith in PC ports. Sporting one of the longest development cycles in gaming at over 5 years, the port took over a year to head to our beloved computers---and it was worth the wait. However, it’s not a game you’ll keep installed to show off to your friends unless they’re shadow and lighting junkies, at which point you have their fix right here. That’s not to say that the gameplay in Alan Wake is bad by any means. The replay value just isn't there alone.

Pros and Cons


  • Survival horror done right on PC from launch with only a few prompt patches!  Take that, Resident Evil series
  • Amazing light and dark effects abound, creating a great atmosphere


  • Repetitive combat and monster types
  • Low replay value
  • No lip syncing is ridiculous in a game trying to deliver a story with real weight.


While Alan Wake might be a game about writer’s block, this review practically wrote itself. It’s an amazingly good PC port, all things considered, with a fair price point and prepackaged DLC so you get the complete experience without breaking your wallet. There are a few gripes that haven’t been fixed from the original, but you get what you pay for. In this case, it's worth every penny.

Overall 81/100 - Good


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