Assassins's Creed: Revelations Review (PC)

Ten Ton Hammer
Ten Ton Hammer Rating

Multiplayer - 87 / 100

Brotherhood really tried to set the world ablaze with its assassination combat multiplayer, and it’s nice to see that that experiment was not abandoned in Revelations.    You’ll experience a lot of rage and instant deaths, and a lot of the aforementioned animation woes, but it’s a cool element that you’ll be hard pressed to find in multiplayer games elsewhere on PC these days.  If you haven’t played it, you really should give it a try even if the main game isn’t your cup of tea.  Some people enjoy recruiting assassins, and some people enjoy killing them.

Also of note, given my previous review rage, the Ubisoft DRM monster is not really present here.  Somewhat like Steam, it wants to connect when you start the game, but can then operate offline.

Raw brutality will never get old.

Value - 65 / 100

The quest is a good bit shorter than we’ve come to expect in the series, and you’ll be done in a day or two of good play sessions. Is the refined multiplayer what you’re looking forward to? Get in on this while the PC servers are hot. If you’re in it for the story, I would love to say ‘rent it’ but that’s not an option here. So wait for a sale and get your finale.

Lasting Appeal - 60 / 100

Some of the plot twists are well executed and there’s treats abound for fans of the series throughout. That said though, the core gameplay just hasn’t changed enough. It’s possible this is the last game in the Ezio/Altair plotline, but frankly you should just play Brotherhood anyway if you’re looking to have a good time killing people without the complicated syncing and cutscenes. Who knows, they might see sales and pull a rabbit out of their hat with another game in the saga... I wouldn't put it beyond Ubisoft.

Pros and Cons


  • Nails the setting perfectly with beautiful environments, inside and out.
  • The Multiplayer is back and improved
  • Voice talent delivers in spades


  •  Well, it’s more like a club with how long the game is compared to II and Brotherhood.
  • If you’ve played the prior game, you pretty much played this.
  • Multiplayer is the strongest component of the game, and the servers are starting to empty already.


Asssassin’s Creed: Revelations  is the first time I’ve felt Ubisoft is cashing in on the franchise.  Borrowing on the many strengths of Brotherhood, it still delivers a fun and memorable experience, but it fails to stand out very well compared to the other games.  Despite the feeling of it being a port and a cash in, the overall feel of the game is positive and you don’t have to drink heavily to forget about it, ala Devil May Cry 2 for instance.

Now that’s a memory I don’t want to undergo Synchronization for.

Overall 73/100 - Pretty Good


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