Homefront Review – Killing Virtual Commies for Old Glory

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Multiplayer - 87 / 100

While the single player campaign’s gameplay is limited, the multiplayer aspect of Homefront is vastly improved. Multiplayer is a blast with a couple of exceptions. There are two basic multiplayer modes (team deathmatch and take-and-hold objectives). There is a third mode, but that really just combines the two normal modes and adds a commander option.

In multiplayer, you choose from a number of specs you wish to spawn as (sniper, assault, etc) which arms you differently and provides different upgrade options. You gain both xp and battle points as you play. Xp levels you and stay with you, while battle points only last for the match. You can spend battle points for some upgrades, such as a flak jacket, or you can buy different drones or a vehicle. Drones can act as spotters pointing out all enemy locations to your team or they can launch attacks. Vehicles can range from humvees to helicopters to tanks.

Helicopter equals winning.

The maps for multiplayer are nice and large, giving you plenty of room to maneuver or hide once you find that awesome sniper position. Unlike single player, there is no one set path to follow.

The only negatives that I have for multiplayer is that there is only the two modes of play and the fact that you can’t customize your appearance. There is no real story for multiplayer, just American soldiers versus Korean soldiers. Of course, who looks for plotlines for multiplayer? Just get out there and kill, kill, kill!

Value - 50 / 100

The value of Homefront is a mixed bag. The multiplayer is fun and you’ll spend a lot of time playing it. However, the single player campaign is woefully short. For a game that costs $60, there isn’t a great deal to recommend it for that price. While I love the storyline, the gameplay isn’t anything that you haven’t seen in another shooter. I would recommend that gamers wait until the price goes down a bit before buying. I would be much happier buying this game for $35 or so.

Lasting Appeal - 70 / 100

While the price is currently high, the game does have some lasting appeal. While I don’t foresee myself going through the single player campaign again and again, the multiplayer aspect of the game is fun and addicting. I expect to be playing team deathmatch for a long time to come. There is word that there are two content downloads coming that add new single-player experiences, but I cannot judge those until I see the price and how much gameplay they add.

A rare oasis of calm. It won't last long...

Pros and Cons

  • Incredibly great storyline that will draw you in
  • Multiplayer is extremely fun to play
  • Linear gameplay
  • Extremely short single player campaign
  • Typical shooter gameplay and features – there’s nothing new here


On the whole, Homefront is an average shooter with typical gameplay and average graphics. The game’s strong point is the story, which sucks you in and doesn’t let you go which makes the abrupt ending of the game that much harder to bear. The multiplayer aspect of the game is incredibly fun and I have a blast getting sniped by whippersnappers 20 years younger than me. I would recommend giving the game a try once the price drops. It’s a solid game, but not a cutting edge one to justify the current price. Plus, who can say no to wiping out commie hordes?

Overall 69/100 - Okay


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