King Arthur II Review - Not Quite Camelot

Ten Ton Hammer
Ten Ton Hammer Rating

Value - 65 / 100

Commanding a mid-price, King Arthur II fails to provide a quality $40 experience unless you can really draw from the mediocre writing and gameplay. The core gameplay does take a good 20+ hours to beat, but the actual fun drawn from it is over in about 10. Eventually you’ll just get to a point where you stomp on things with your super-leveled and geared characters like you’ve gone to a newbie zone in an MMORPG.

Lasting Appeal - 55 / 100

I really do admire King Arthur II's developer, Neocore, for trying to keep this franchise alive.  It has a few strong elements going for it in the long run, namely the item system, but unfortunately its many drawbacks diminish its playability. When you’re looking for a big army game, you’ll play Shogun II.  When you’re looking for a full RTS, you’ll play StarCraft II or others.  When you’re looking for a traditional hero exploration experience, you’ll play Heroes of Might and Magic.  This game fills no niche, so I would readily expect it to drop off the radar for anyone in a matter of months.

Unless your niche happens to be huge magic casualties.  Then once you lower your opponent's shields, you can cackle as thousands of troops die per minute

Pros and Cons


  • Great setting, some good lore
  • Item system is surprisingly good
  • This genre really needs more love


  • Terrible magic system that ends up being a headache
  • Units can be unresponsive and slow to move around
  • Doesn’t stand out at all in any aspect of what it does


It’s a valiant effort, and could stand on its own as a grand strategy game, RTS, or other genre if it focused strictly on that. The biggest problem with King Arthur II is that is tries to do too much and, as a result, doesn’t do any of it truly well. You can forgive a game that overextends its scope if it still has some killer feature or trait that keeps you going, but it’s that soul this game is missing. After a few hours with King Arthur II, I was ready to resign from the round table.

Overall 62/100 - Average


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