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87Very Good

The launch price point of $US 59.99 might seem like a lot to pay after the game glut of holiday season 2011. But 76 completed quests and roughly 40 hours in, I was just on the cusp of the Siege of Mel Senshir – what Big Huge Games described as just a little past the halfway point of the game – and I was already experiencing a good problem: quest overload.

Reckoning somehow always avoids that 'another dungeon, another hundred corpses' feeling - an acheivement for an aRPG.

Reckoning simply gives players way too much to do at any given time, and there’s enough quality in Reckoning’s quantity that I want to do it all. Considering that most action RPGs barely stray from the main quest, this is a very positive development.

Lasting Appeal


Replayability is always a consideration with single player games, but with playtime estimates in the hundreds of hours and little reason to reroll , it’s hard to imagineou can always visit a fateweaver to respec or a mirror to re-customize.  The only features of your character you can’t change are your race and the deity (or non-deity) you worship. These beginning features seem largely inconsequential to your character - I've yet to find an NPC that makes reference to my Verani race - so even with Reckoning’s limited selection of humanoid characters, I’m not sweating a lack of replayability since the game’s jammed packed with plenty of worthwhile quests and side quests.

Pros and Cons


  • A gorgeous and engaging world with plenty of hooks for DLCs and  a future MMO.
  • Reckoning is an absolutely engaging fantasy experience where the main story and nearly every side quest winds around the idea that you’re character is not just disrupting - but improving - the fate of the world.
  • The RPG genre has never had more fluid and interesting combat animations, and, owing in large part to mindblowing visuals, combat itself never becomes stale.


  • Occasionally lousy camera angles sometimes make flanking attacks and exercise in click and pray.
  • Facial animations and voiceovers are stumpy and forced.
  • Several UI blunders - only one quest is viewable on the world map at a time, items cannot be equipped or junked with a single click when looting, etc.


 On its own, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a fun, nuanced, and well-told story with fluid combat and mesmerizing visuals. As the lead-in for a grand new fantasy IP, the writers make a stretch or two (Roman Gnomes make me think of a Travelocity commercial), but Amalur is a world I hope to visit again.

Ethec Review at Ten Ton Hammer

  • Game Name: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  • Review Date: February 13th, 2012
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S'OMG!!! Someone disagreed with me on the interznets!!! QQ!!! /ragequit /needacupcake

Always a pleasure to catch insanity in action.

OMG are you guys really bitching about grammer? Who the heck cares. You both sound like you may be around 12 years old. Go back to the sofa in your mothers basement already or buck up and act like adults.

This is a review and opinion page, if it upsets you this much to read other peoples opinions of a game, don't read reviews.....dumbasses.

"Grammar".....Dumb Ass.

WHAT!?!?! You haven't noticed anyone take note of your race? What about the guy you save from the spiders in Canneroc? If you save him, lol, then he declares "Another Varani! Thank the gods!", not to mention the little comments you sometimes hear and even more, the fact that people ask you about the god you follow, which you can only choose at the beginning. I'd really like to hear what it's like to go through the game with no god.

I delayed buying this game due to my hatred of Skyrim. They hit the nail on the head when they mentioned the crappy grpahics of skyrim browns and greys. I like games with color. the world, our real world is full of color and a game should be colorful not make me want to peel my skull due to the borrish gray background. I also delayed because skrim made me sick with its doom first person camera angle for the first 45 minutes of the game. I get motion sick if the game plays that way. I am glad to hear this one wont make me sick. Sounds like I am missing out. I got so busy playing star wars TOR (which is awesome and a step in the right direction compared to WoW which I loved until recently). So Here is to hoping that when my next check comes in and I purchase this game I enjoy it as much as I did WoW when it first came out and SWtor which has me hooked for now. I love Todd M.'s animation from Spawn and when he took over Spiderman and of course was a Drizzt fan for years before his lack of dying made his story tedious so I forsee enjoying this game.

So until computer games become advanced enough to make me wonder if a character i meet is an npc or another player, I will continue to enjoy games of this genre.

You getting paid to write all these comments? LOL!

you can technically drop a quest... you just have to kill the npc that gave the quest to you. That's what I do after I complete a repeatable quest, the guy goes bye bye. I do believe that they do need to fix a few minor things like making an extra inventory menu for crafting components in the regular inventory and while in shop, there should be some hybrid gear(which I noticed was lacking). Also I am surprised that anyone rated this game below a 9.0, I guess they just ASSUMED it was another attempt at Skyrim, which is absurd. I would personally give this game AT LEAST a 9.5/10 and just leave Skyrim out of it.

i love how everyone tries to compare skyrim to KoA ... i really do ..

they are 2 completely different games, made by i assume completely different people. (i know different companies but with my luck if i said absolutly different people someone would come and say "well so and so quit and went to big games and he worked on this... sad day)

you see cartoonish graphics and people automatically compare it to WoW. - blizzard does not have a patent on cartoonish games.

bethesda and blizzard didn't make this game .. therefore any comparisons are completely unjustified.

im about 20 hours into this game and so far i like it, at first it REALLY REALLY felt like another quest grinding game but thats because i got caught up in too many side quests ... if you follow the main or faction quests you'll enjoy a rich story line.

theres two things that i need to ask/clarify about this review however .. first: when you level up you only get 3 combat points not 5 ... or is it 5 for PC .. i play on PS3 so i don't know if PC is different but i wouldn't think they would do that to console players .. so idk

second: regarding the issue with having to bounce back and forth between quest log and minimap .. that is a NON issue at least on PS3 ... for me yes there is only one quest you can mark as active and you see a gold/yellow ring on your minimap .. however for the rest of my quests i see all the WHITE rings indicating i have other quests nearby that are not necessarily my main active quest so if i want to complete those on my way to my main active quest i can do that .. but if i run far enough away from the white ring quests on my minimap they disappear .. this is still not a problem because personally i dont care about the quests that are half way across the world .. i only care about the ones that are close by and the minimap does a perfect job of telling me where they are.

and to the guy who compared blacksmithing in skyrim to blacksmithing in KoA ... dumbass..
blacksmithing in KoA does not allow you level up your skill you have to assign the one non combat point per level you get to blacksmithing .. which is a slow and restricted process compared to other RPG's .. and you can in NO WAY craft high level gear before your supposed to ...

where as in Skyrim you can farm leather and iron (EXTREMELY EASY) early in the game .. and max out your BS'ing and craft ebony/daedric befor you hit lvl 15 ... is it a slight game breaker .. yea .. but my point is that the SYSTEM for crafting skills is completely different when looking at Skyrim and KoA ..

KoA makes you work for everything you cant farm out materials and within 5 hours be able to craft end game materials .. in my opinion this is a strength for the game .. im a dark souls player (250hrs+) so i love games that you cant "break" by "cheating" essentially and thats what skyrim allows players to do and the only penalty for doing it is increasing your lvl and potentially making all the fights more difficult for you which isn't that big of a deal. i also have over 200 hours on skyrim.

im a little anxious to see endgame content for KoA .. and i would recommend purchase any day.

Great review. This game is really great and I think will be missed out on because of terrible reviews out there. This is the best rpg I've played in years. 38 Studios knows how to make games. That is the bottom line.

The camera angles are weird, and the UI can be a pain sometimes, but the combat feels awesome and the story is pretty cool. Overall an enjoyable game.

I find myself wearing the set gear over crafted pieces that a better because the set armor just looks cooler. That and the Legion set has +2 might abilities.

32 hours in and just hit Ysa. I have scoured and accomplished almost everything so far except for the travelers quest line (don't care for thieves and dishonest types) and the arcane or magic quest branch in Ysa. I have over 55 hours into Skyrim and even the new hi-res texture pack can't save it for me.

I find myself not wanting to put KOA down. It is not the prettiest sure, but it still looks good. The one thing that this game does surprisingly well is engage me in the story, the land, the layout, the quests, etc... Talking to the Tree of Life before getting into Ysa was awesome. I cannot wait to see the rest of the game and continue the story. For once in I don't know how long, I am actually listening and reading the dialogue as opposed to blazing through it. The story is engaging and I think Salvatore did a fabulous job.

I would agree with the few minor flaws that Stu has mentioned. I have had no bug or glitch issues as of yet and the game has run flawlessly for me.

Really? You don't like dishonest types? Ok, I respect your decision, but find it a bit disingenuous when you're the same person who goes storming into a Red Legion camp and basically executes a half dozen people who have not been convicted of any crime. I guess you can rationalize and envision yourself as some kind of "Holy Avenger", but after all is said and done, you're really just a mass murderer. Granted, your victims probably deserve it 99.99% of the time, but we're ignoring due process big time. What's a little lightfingering hurt compared to that?

Spot on review. Nailed the pros and cons perfectly.

I've been getting frustrated with reviewers knocking this game for not having an "open world" and comparing it to Skyrim. It's packed with loads of content and is more akin to Diablo than Skyrim IMO.

The quests, oh the quests! This game baits me until 3AM way too much.

Totally agree - as far as I'm concerned, if you are continually comparing this with Skyrim you are either:

1. Retarded with a dash of Moron.
2. Someone who hasn't actually played the game.
3. Someone who can't handle 2 games in 1 genre being different and still good.

This game is an excellent aRPG with the best combat and crafting I've seen in ANY RPG - never would I think that the crafting could be so fun in a game.. it's mental!!

Finally a decent review that doesn't compare everything with Skyrim, imo this game is far better than Skyrim, I don't care for the open world if I get items with different qualities and sets for different archetypes of actual classes, something that Skyrim totally fails

Amazing and fluid combat with several options to use magics instead of being forced to fit everything in your right/left hand (another Skyrim epic fail).

Professions and gathering feel more fun and less straightforward than Skyrim which were lame and boring, Blacksmithing is a world of difference between the 2 for example.

Variety in landscape and creatures that look awesome, instead of fighting the same stuff over and over, in the same cold and lifeless environment.

I will agree it has some faults like the camera which was mentioned in a comment plus the UI and yeah the quest stuff is kinda annoying, but compared to Skyrim bugs...(some of them unbelievable and totally game killers), they are just minor stuff.

You relish the fact that the review didn't compare this game to skyrim... and then proceed to do precisely that. Are you hunting yourself? What?

We get it. You love this game. And hate Skyrim. Yay.

I don't hate Skyrim, obviously I played it a lot and was a good game. I just hate how a lot of reviews from "professional sites" destroy this game and give Skyrim game of the year title, it's just stupid, if Skyrim was best game for them last year this should be 2012's, the point is they don't really judge the game imo is just bethesda > 38 studios for them and their interests, and consequently their games.

Destroy? How so? Because it doesn't receive the high scores Skyrim did? Most of the reviewers have praised this game.

Personally, I don't understand how this game gets compared to Skyrim open-world wise. It's no where close. It's more akin to Fable in that regard.

In terms of streamlined ingredient gathering, this game actually has the ingredients glow for you. You can't miss em.

Skyrim has a multitude of smithing levels and requirements to smith certain garments. You also have to gather the items necessary to make a certain item. KOA has a similar setup. As such, I'm not sure how one is inferior to the other.

I also experienced only one major bug in Skyrim; when the intro locked up.

But meh.

About 10hrs in and I'm really enjoying the game.

My only real concern/wish is that they give us the ability to scroll/pan out the camera away from our character. On the PC it feels far too close 90% of the time imo

I've read that they are working on a fix, but I'm very surprised this issue never came up and was addressed during the development cycle and Alpha & Beta QA Testing.

Other than that I'm pretty happy thus far.

I would like the ability to drop/cancel a Quest. Several times now I've accepted a Quest only to find out after that I'm being asked to "steal" an item. From a RP setting, this particular character doesn't steal and has no points in the stealth tree. At that point I wish I could simply drop the quest...but that's a pretty small annoyance.

The good far outweighs the bad (or half-bad) in this game.

Just fix the camera and it'll be a 10/10 game for me!

Regards & Good Hunting



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Fri, Dec 13, 2013

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