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Multiplayer - 70 / 100

The multiplayer is alright. Realistically speaking you can play together in a group and do things and there is PvP. The matchmaking is manual, you’ll need to go to the noticeboard and find advertisements for groups, but it works well for the game. I didn’t really find anything impressive about the multiplayer, outside of the fact that it’s a slight improvement on making games and having people join them in D2 since the world is “semi-persistent.”

Value - 90 / 100

The valueÂ… hrm I’d have to say really good! I was happy with not only the fact that it’s free but also, in addition, the shop only sells cosmetic items and has random sales to make things a bit easier on the wallet. I have to compliment them here.

Path of Exile

This is less dark than the other things.

Lasting Appeal - 82 / 100

The game has a somewhat odd lasting appeal. If you get into it, it can last you for years. If you don’t, then there is one playthrough in it for you at most. It’s like a single player game that you play over and over like, well, Diablo II and Phantasy Star Online and any other dungeon crawler you can think of. The entire point is to repeat the game over and over and over and over again until you have all of the loot.

I’m going to give this a decent score, because there is plenty to do and that “plenty to do” includes spam the right mouse button all day every day for monster slaying. There is other stuff to, but let’s be honest, dungeon crawlers is all about watching stuff explode.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s a video game! On the computer!
  • You can play Diablo 2 without finding your disc or cd-key you lost ages ago!
  • It’s fun!
  • Right click right click right click right click right click right click.


  • The graphics are dated, but that could be a pro for some people.
  • The skill tree is hilariously big, confusing, and too much.
  • There are only three acts, which is a bit short.
  • Difficulty is random.


If you’re still playing Diablo II then switch over to Path of Exile now that it’s live. Otherwise, install the game for a quick time waster, but you probably won’t find a lot of value in it unless dungeon crawlers are your thing.

Overall 65/100 - Average


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